Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where is Memorial High School located?

2225 Keith Street, Eau Claire, WI 54701

Where does Memorial play home football games (marching band)?

Carson Park off of Memonomie St. or Lake St.

Where is Hobbs Ice Arena (pep bands for hockey)?

915 Menomonie Street, Eau Claire, WI 54703

Where is the Memorial Day Parade held?

The parade begins at Wilson Park, turns onto Lake St. and then turns onto First Avenue.

How does my student audition for next year’s band?

Practice, practice, practice! Any student with band experience is allowed to audition for an upper level band at Memorial. Incoming freshmen are automatically placed in one of the two freshman bands.

Every spring current MHS band students can sign up for the Eagle Band, or they can audition for the Concert Band or Old Abe Wind Ensemble. Old Able Wind Ensemble is a group of musicians who play technically more challenging music and is predominately juniors and seniors. The Concert Band consists of 10th, 11th, and 12th graders and plays more challenging music than the Eagle Bands.

Jazz Ensembles: every spring, jazz students audition for the following year. Jazz I meets daily and plays more challenging music, while Jazz II, III, and IV meet every other day as an early bird class. Materials for auditions are given in the winter months. Auditions take place in mid-to-late April.

Is my student’s instrument safe from theft?

The band directors make sure to record the serial numbers of all instruments purchased through the band program. This simple step greatly increases the chance of retrieving stolen property. Protect your investment by taking a few minutes to record the serial number of your purchased instrument. Also, remind your band students to lock their instruments in their band lockers when they are not in band or when instruments are left at school.

What is solo and ensemble?

At Memorial High School, students are encouraged to participate in our area’s solo/ensemble contest. At solo/ensemble, each student performs a piece of music for a judge who then critiques his/her playing. Although the judge is there to rate the musician’s playing, s/he also explains to the student what was done well and how to improve skills and playing technique.

Any student receiving a star will go on to compete in the state level festival which will be May 6th at UWEC. Students can choose a piece of music from our band music library. They can receive assistance in selecting a piece of music from one of our band directors or from their private music teacher if they take lessons. There are different levels of music to choose from, and the ability to move on to the state competition is dependent on the level of music chosen. The students will be instructed on all of the points in their band classes. Please keep in mind, it is up to the students to make sure their band director knows they are interested in solo/ ensemble so that he can assist them.

Thinking about a new instrument for the new year?

Mr. Dasher and Mr. Domeyer are excellent resources if you are considering upgrading your child’s current instrument. Contact either one of them for advice on the best brands and models.