Uniforms: What to wear and when to wear it.

Uniform chart

A             Boys – shirt, tie, and dress pants.
Girls – dress, skirt and blouse, or dress pants and blouse.
B             Boys – white dress shirt, black tie, black dress pants, black socks, and black shoes.
Girls – white blouse, black dress pants, black socks or hose, and black shoes.
C             Boys – tuxedo/white shirt purchased at Muldoon’s (approximately $150), black socks, and black shoes.
Girls – full-length black gowns (purchased anywhere) and black shoes.
D             Boys – tuxedos from Muldoon’s (approximately $150) with black shirt and purple tie from Muldoon’s (approximately $40), black socks, and black shoes.

***If you need financial assistance, please contact the band directors.***

Uniform care

The marching uniforms are relatively new, and each one costs more than $500. Students and parents, please work together to protect our investment by taking proper care of the uniform:

  • Please make sure to wear uniform with the sleeves and pants hemlines at lengths appropriate for you. The sleeves accordion snap so the white hem still shows, and the pants legs fold up and snap. You may simply tack with a couple stitches or lightly steam the pants hem on a cool setting to keep hem in place. Stepping on the hem will ruin the pants for future students and may result in a fine for the student who damaged the uniform.
  • After wearing, allow uniform to dry in a well-ventilated area. Please do NOT leave the uniform in a car or garage!
  • Once dry, hang uniform neatly in a clean, dry area in the provided garment bag.
  • If the uniform gets dirty before the student is done with band, professionally dry clean it (at your expense) at Gilbertson’s Cleaners & Tailors, 2128 Sherwin Ave. Eau Claire
  • Hats should be stored in the provided hat box. Return plumes to the plume carrier after each use.