MHS Directors

Eric DasherEric Dasher is the director of the freshman, Old Abe, and Concert bands, as well as the pep and marching bands at Memorial High School. Mr. Dasher began his teaching career at Duluth East High School in Duluth, MN, where he taught for two years. He has been the director at Memorial since 2000. Mr. Dasher has a bachelor’s degree in Music Education from the University of Wisconsin-Superior and a Master’s of Educational Professional Development from th
e University of Wisconsin LaCrosse. His principal instrument is the French Horn, and he previously served as the principal French Horn of the Chippewa Valley Symphony and played with Eau Claire Chamber Orchestra, Duluth-Superior Symphony Orchestra, and the Twin Ports Wind Ensemble. Mr. Dasher lives in Eau Claire with his wife, Becky, and their three children, Emily, Katelyn, and Joseph.

Dominic Domeyer directs the jazz bands and co-teaches the freshmen and Eagle concert bands with Mr. Dasher. Mr. Domeyer grew up in River Falls, Wisconsin and graduated from UW-Eau Claire, after student teaching at Memorial High School in the Fall of 2017. While at UW-Eau Claire, Mr. Domeyer performed in the university jazz ensembles, jazz combos, and concert bands. In addition to teaching, Mr. Domeyer serves on the board of Eau Claire Jazz Inc, assisting with the annual Eau Claire Jazz Festival, 52nd Street, and Gatsby’s Gala. Mr. Domeyer is very excited to continue working with the great students at Memorial High school!

About MHS Bands

Freshman Band

Freshman Bands: All freshmen are assigned to these bands to help get acclimated to Memorial High School. They are divided strictly by instruments and not ability. In addition to performing at concerts, they march at the Homecoming and Memorial Day parades and take part in many other activities.

Eagle Band

The Eagle Band consists primarily of sophomores, juniors, and some seniors. Students do not have to audition to be in the Eagle bands. They participate in the two parades and the pep games. The Eagle bands do not march on the field for football games.

Concert Band

The Concert Band is an auditioned group made up mostly of juniors and seniors. They will be part of the marching band at football games and parades and take part in pep game activities. Concert Band is under the direction of Mr. Dasher.

Old Abe Wind Ensemble

The Old Abe Wind Ensemble is an auditioned ensemble and the top band at Memorial High School. The band performs in formal dress for concerts. This band also marches at both parades and football games. Old Abe Wind Ensemble is under the direction of Mr. Dasher.

Jazz Band

The jazz program focuses on developing an authentic style, improvisation, and appreciation for jazz music. The Memorial jazz program seeks to inspire students through student performances, attending numerous jazz festivals, and hosting clinicians throughout the school year. Mr. Domeyer directs all jazz ensembles at Memorial High School.

Jazz I
Becoming a member of this audition band is a top honor in the MHS jazz band program. Jazz I, consisting of mostly juniors and seniors, meets every day and participates in the UWEC Jazz Festival and other jazz competitions in Wisconsin and neighboring states.

Jazz II
This audition band consists of sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Students in Jazz II are invited to participate at the UW-EC Jazz Festival and other jazz competitions. This is also an Early Bird class, meeting opposite of Jazz III.

Jazz III
This band is made up of freshman and sophomores. The students meet every other morning at 6:30 for Early Bird. Jazz III participates in the UW-EC Jazz Festival and sometimes travels with the entire Jazz program.

Marching/Pep Band

Typical Marching Band chartEach level of band at MHS participates in marching and pep band on different occasions throughout the school year. Uniforms are normally required for marching band, except for Freshman band.