Updated Scrip Dates and Order Forms

Order deadlines and pickup dates for the Scrip gift card program have been updated along with the order forms.

The order deadlines and pickup dates for the remainder of the school year are as follows:

Month Order Deadline Pickup Date Comments
Nov 5 19 Early Christmas shopping!
Dec 3 17 Receive before Christmas Break!
Jan 7 21 Check online for special offers and promotions.
Feb 4 18 Check online for special offers and promotions.
Mar 3 17

Orders received before Spring Break! Shop early for your Easter Baskets, too!

Apr 7 21 Think ahead for Mother’s Day.
May 5 19 Father’s Day is next month!
Jun 2 16 Think summer travel plans!

Summer dates are TBD.

Click below to print out the order/pickup schedule and the latest order form:

2019-2020 Scrip Card Order Deadlines and Pickup Dates

Scrip Gift Card Order Form


New to Scrip?  It's great!  Read on...


Stop selling and start earning! Scrip fundraising is a no-selling program that allows families to raise money for Memorial High School Bands AND your Band student. Scrip is just another way to pay for everyday purchases using gift cards in place of cash, checks, and credit cards.
You purchase gift cards from MHS Band at face value, and our MHS Band Scrip Coordinator orders those cards from Local Retailers and the Great Lakes Scrip Center at a reduced price (a percentage established by each retailer). The difference is shared 50-50 between your Band Student and MHS Band. It’s really that simple!
When you use scrip gift cards at your favorite retailers, you’re fundraising while you shop. Great Lakes Scrip Center offers more than 700 of the country’s biggest retailers, including grocery, department stores, gas statons, restaurants, hotels, home improvement, and more. Several local retailers offer an even higher percentage! Just by using scrip to pay for your normal weekly purchases, you can easily raise $500 or more per year. It’s time to put your shopping dollars to work!
MHS Band Scrip Coordinator - Gwen Nemitz, [email protected]

Go to shop.shopwithscrip.com/GetStarted

Click Join a Scrip Program

Enter the Enrollment Code that was in the email attachments 

Start shopping for your every day items



The Scrip fundraising program is coming soon to MHS Band!  This is an excellent opportunity to raise funds for our organization and your student without selling!
If you aren't already familiar with the Scrip program, please watch the video and read the attachment for a great explanation about Scrip fundraising!

Monthly Scrip example (earnings split 50/50 between the band and the student):

  • Festival (3%) $300 in cards purchased earns $4.50 for the band and $4.50 per student
  • Mega Holiday (10%) $100 in cards purchased earns $5 for the band and $5 for the student
  • Buffalo Wild Wings (8%) $50 in cards purchased earns $2 for band and $2 for the student

For this example, earnings for the month = $11.50 for the band AND $11.50 for your student and potential for the year = $138 for the band AND your student, which carries over year to year!

Keep in mind, this example is before taking into account any off-campus lunch purchases your student makes on a regular basis, as well as holiday shopping, and other purchases that can made with gift cards!

More info is coming as we roll out this exciting program, so keep an eye on out for additional emails!!!


MHS Band Scrip Committee


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