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Student Handbook for Old Abe Wind Ensemble, Concert Band and Eagle Bands

Classroom Rules

  • Treat others with respect.
  • Come to rehearsal prepared with needed materials (Pencil, Music, Instrument) ready to make music
  • Only play your instrument when directed to do so.
  • Leave all food and drink outside of the band room. NO GUM!

Procedures and Expectations for Rehearsals

  • The rehearsal order will be posted EVERYDAY on the marker board. Arrive on time and put your music in rehearsal order.
  • When you arrive, warm up properly.
  • If you are missing any music, the only time to get it will be at the beginning of class. Once the rehearsal has started you will not have a chance to get music. The music will always be located in the plastic drawers in the front of the room.
  • Rehearsals start when Mr. Dasher or any other director steps onto the podium. Generally, rehearsals will start three minutes after the bell has rung. Students who are not in their seat at this time will be considered tardy.
  • Whenever Mr. Dasher or any other director is standing on the podium, all talking should cease.
  • Whenever you see Mr. Dasher cut off the group, quit playing as quickly as you can, look up and listen.
  • Students who forget their instruments or forget their reeds will file music for the day.
  • To keep the rehearsal flowing smoothly there will be specific times to ask questions. Hold all questions until these times.
  • The teacher will dismiss class when the day’s objectives have been met.
  • All instruments and music should be put away properly and put back into their proper storage areas. Percussion: Everything should be put away in their assigned areas!

Grades:  Grades for year will be based on the following point scale.

  • Marching or extra rehearsals – 10 points
  • Football performances, Pep Games and playing tests – 20 points
  • Dress Rehearsals – 30 points
  • All Concerts a or major performances (Homecoming, Contest, etc) – 50 Points
  • Daily attendance, attitude and effort – 50 points (per quarter)

Grading Scale:    90-100% = A          80-89% = B          70-79% = C          60-69% = D

Listed below are the procedures followed when students chose to break the above rules and procedures

  • Verbal warning
  • Removal from class and a private conference with the student preceded by a phone call home.
  • Conference with the parents and student.
  • Dropped from class
  • Severe disruption - Immediately sent to the office


Students who are signed up for band want to be in band. Any individual behavior or attitude that hinders other students from enjoying band will result in the student being immediately removed from band temporarily or permanently.

Concert Attendance

Concert Attendance is mandatory and missing a concert will result in student's grade being lowered by two letter grades. Unexcused absences can be made-up but only for half the points. Acceptable excuses are family emergency and serious illness. In these cases please have a note from a doctor or a parent. Family trips can be excused with a make-up assigned as long as the director is given at least two weeks notice.

Outside of Class Rehearsals

Extra rehearsals are sometimes needed to get ready for a special performance (Trips, Marching Band, etc.). Attendance at these rehearsals is required. Work is not an excuse. If a student will be gone for other reasons they must be given to the director two weeks prior to the event.


Skipping will not be tolerated and a result of even one offense can result in being dropped from the program. The is an elective class and is not required, if you skip you are demonstrating to me you don't want to be in band.

Pep Band

Students will be assigned a specific pep band and number of games to play. The students will be responsible for these games. If you cannot make the game for any reason then it is your responsibilities to find a sub for yourself in your own instrument group. By doing this the sub will get credit for the game and you for finding the sub. Memorial has a great tradition of a great pep band and this can only be continued with everyone working together to put a great band together every time we play.


Many students are very busy during the year. I realize that many students have jobs. These jobs have attendance requirements and so does the school, which creates conflict. A work conflict will never be an acceptable excuse to miss a scheduled event, even rehearsals. Please take this schedule and give it to your boss and get these dates off.

Expectations I have in you.

  • Treat me and other students with respect.
  • When I am standing on the podium it is your signal to put your instruments down, look up and listen.
  • When I am talking stay quiet and listen
  • Practice your instruments. Try to get in 30 minutes a day.
  • Have a productive rehearsal every day.
  • Enjoy the music you create.
  • Follow directions the first time they are given.

Expectations you have in me and in the band program.

  • Be treated with respect.
  • Taught how to improve on your instrument.
  • Have a productive rehearsal every day.
  • Receive grades you earn.
  • Be listened to.
  • Enjoy the music you create.

Memorial has a tremendous band tradition. In order for it to continue every student must give 100% of his or her effort. I promise I will give you everything I have everyday. If you give that back to me we will have a fantastic year. I’m excited to see what you all can do, so let’s get started and have a great year!  Mr. Dasher